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Your writing career just got easier.

"You're a writer. You love writing...

"But you have challenges. If only writing were easier...

"It can be!"

Do you have challenges with your writing?

Most writers do.
The writing challenges you face may include some or all of these:

* You can't get writing jobs consistently... you spend more time hunting for jobs than writing

* Some of your clients are a royal pain... you want GREAT clients who love the way you write and pay you well

* You're stressed, physically and mentally: what made you think you could have a successful writing career?

* You have a BIG procrastination habit

* You're stuck on a writing project, and need advice

* You need to make more money -- FAST

* You want to quit your day job, but you're not making enough from your writing to feed a Chihuahua, let alone three growing children

Writers have always faced challenges, and the downturn has increased them for some writers

The downturn means more businesses are going to the wall. These businesses don't pay their suppliers, and these suppliers often include writers.

As a fulltime writer you rely on your clients to pay you. Usually they do, but sometimes they slow-pay you, and occasionally they don't pay you at all -- Inevitably, when companies go down, they take their suppliers with them.

Your biggest challenge as a writer is that even in these days of blogging and instant messaging, you don't have a real voice or say in your writing life...

Or do you?

Pay close attention now.

Did you know that many writers are making great money during the downturn?

These writers are skilled at marketing, and at finding what they need, when they need it.

The writers who are doing well during the downturn have found a way of tapping into the global brain, by using Twitter, the micro blogging, social media networking tool.

Yes, that's right.

Clever writers let others help them.

So, here's the answer to your writing challenges: Twitter

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Whether you're a beginning writer, or are established, Twitter can be a powerful tool for you.

Here's how Twitter solves your writing challenges:

* You can't get writing jobs? You can get writing jobs on Twitter

* You've got impossible-to-please clients? Dump them and get great clients on Twitter

* You're worried and stressed? You can relax and have fun around Twitter's global water cooler

* You're procrastinating? Get inspired on Twitter

* You're stuck and need advice? Get advice on Twitter

* You need a fast infusion of cash? Get hired and get money in your PayPal account within minutes

* Want to quit your day job? Let Twitter help you turn your writing hobby into a fulltime and profitable career

Join the global networking party that's Twitter: get instant help when you need it

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You've heard of Twitter, and perhaps you've tried it. After all, it's free. Unfortunately many writers try Twitter and then stop using it. The service is confusing, and when you're busy trying to write and get paid, it can seem a meaningless collection of drivel.
Twitter for writers
You need a guide to Twitter, written just for writers. Here it is.

"Twitter for Writers: Achieve Writing Success 25 Words at a Time."

Twitter for Writers: Achieve Writing Success 25 Words at a Time

This ebook package is a complete guide to Twitter for writers.

What people are saying about "Twitter for Writers: Achieve Writing Success 25 Words at a Time"

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"I'm a Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) member, writing her first ebook. I needed to interview a couple of experts to get credibility, and Angela sent me her new Twitter for Writers ebook package. This gave me the confidence to tweet about my problem. Problem solved. AND there's more. I'm currently talking to an agent about writing a book proposal, so I'll soon be a published author. :-)" Pamela R., Canada
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"Twitter... what a waste of time. Tried it, hated it. Then Angela asked me to look at her new Twitter ebook. OK, I admit it. I was wrong. I needed to know how to use Twitter. Now I've picked up seven new writing jobs (articles and web content) this week alone..." James W., USA
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"I wrote to Angela when my boss said he'd have to let me go. I was devastated. There's NO jobs where I live.

"This time I knew I had to make a success of writing. Angela said if I could write such a long and detailed email message, I could write articles. She sent me her new Twitter ebook, and said -- follow the instructions. You'll get jobs. I did!" Nicci C., USA.

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