New Videos: Create Your Own Web Sites With NVU Free Web Site Creation Software

Wish you could create Web sites with ease? If you're new to creating your own Web sites, the process can seem intimidating.

It's really quite easy, and I've found some great videos which show you how to create professional sites quickly, with
NVU Web creation software.

NVU is simple to use, works with Windows and Macs, and is completely free. Just download NVU, and these videos, and you're good to go.

45 minutes of instruction – get started and create money-making Web sites

NVU videos
You receive 45 minutes of video instruction with this video pack: four videos which are complete how-tos on using NVU.

Download the pack to your computer and double-click the file. It's a ZIP archive, so when you double-click the file, it will extract the files and you'll be able to view the videos, right on your computer.

The videos are viewed in your browser, so double-click each of the HTML files in the NVU VIDEOS folder to open them in your browser. You can pause the videos at any time, so you can watch the videos and use NVU at the same time.

The videos-

* NVU - Installation (5 min) - Install NVU.

* NVU - Overview (25 min) – Complete NVU how-to.

* NVU - Publishing (10 min) – Get your site online.

* NVU - Sales Letter (5 min) – Create a one-page site, a sales letter.

These videos are the perfect companion to "Super-Fast Money-Making Web Sites For Writers: Join The Web-Publishing Bonanza" - you'll be creating money-making Web sites and developing your own online empire.

Payment is via PayPal -- it's fast and easy

You can DOWNLOAD the videos IMMEDIATELY. On payment, you
receive a PDF files with a link to a downloadable zip archive of the videos. The Zip archive file contains your video files. Your computer will extract the folders from the archive automatically when you double-click. There's a Read Me First File included, so please read it. :-)

WARNING... Are you on a slow Internet connection? Your video downloads comprise a large, 100-megabyte file. If you're on a dial-up connection, contact me, and I'll send you the videos on CD. This is much easier than trying to download this huge file. There's a postage and handling charge of $12 if you want the videos on CD, air mailed to you. Please DO NOT ORDER, contact me FIRST...

Order now, videos just: $27

I wish you much success. Happy site creation. :-)

From the desk of Angela Booth

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